I'm a 19 year old teenager who started doing stuff online not because he wanted to be famous, but because he wanted to have a bit of fun.
I did end up getting noticed though, maybe because I kinda look like my son Zayn Malik.

Jokes apart, I try to produce content that helps me to connect with the audience. I also try to break certain stereotypes that still exist in our society. Someone thought it'll be a great idea to award me with the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship for my work. Pretty cool, isn't it?

I've produced videos on topics which are pretty extreme in relation to eachother. For example, there's one that I did on Women Abuse, which garnered media coverage from all around the world. And then there's a video which I filmed at Venice Beach, California, where I held a banner which said Kiss Me I Wear An Orange Turban. So I try to do stuff that's fun filming, and stuff which sometimes makes me and my viewers think.

University, you ask? Not yet, perhaps this year. 

No, neither Mandira Bedi nor Kiran Bedi is my mum.